Dear Howard,

"I would just like to thank you for all the work you did with me during the difficult times I have had over the last few years since my husband died. Running a business and keeping on top of everything else was certainly a challenge.

Your mind change course has taught me to use the amazing powers in my brain to turn problems into challenges, and set goals way outside my comfort zones. 

I firstly had get rid of so much of the nonsense I had been taught during my life which was quite a task. Accepting my problems were mine and not blaming anyone else eventually was crucial to my improvements. Your tools are part of my daily life and I sometimes scratch my head when I look back at where I was and wonder at how far I've come during the last few years. 

I dont know how you do it but I pray to God to thank him for introducing me to you."

                 Leila - Twinshire  manufacturing

"Howard Glancy came to our Company about 8 years ago and gave his presentation Mind Change. I have to say that initially I really didn't see any merit in the things he was showing us but some of the ideas seem to mirror the way I thought so I agreed to go ahead. 

I attended the course with most of my staff, and in a few hours learnt that what I'd been doing  for years to become successful  was what he was teaching, but he put it in a nice easy box for me to use whenever I needed to solve challenges. I not only found it personally useful but a number of my sales people and key employees took it very seriously and the results were frankly astonishing.

A very worthwhile investment."

                                               Carlos Gavidia - Direct Connect 

"When I attended the Mind Change course I had been suffering from stress related conditions which were affecting everything I did. I had visited countless doctors and specialists who just kept giving me more medication to calm me down and lower my blood pressure. I was getting all kinds of side effects and was worried about the long term situation and my longevity.

During the course I was taught the relaxation techniques which were part of the program. I asked my doctor if I could relax more would it help my conditions. He told me it would. 

Since using the program daily I have not only managed to learn to relax but have significantly reduced my issues with my blood pressure. My concentration levels are now so much better and I can sleep at night which is s a blessing to me and my wife.

What a wonderful gift. Thank you all at Mind Change."

                                                                          Walter Rose - Pca ltd                                                                

"At the time I went on Mind Change I was going through a very tough patch in my life. Having had 2 difficult  and violent marriages. I had gone from being a nurse into a sales career and was frankly frightened of the future.

Doing The mind Change session started  a complete turn about in my life. Howard made us all promise to use the techniques before he even started showing us the course which I thought was a bit astonishing. He also told us that if we didnt want to really improve our lives we should leave !!........( one person actually left).

The course was, simply put, an eye opener. I never imagined that I could use my thoughts to achieve great things. He even told us how the techniques could attract a future life partner. This was something I really wanted. I did what I promised to do and my life has completely turned around.

I became the first lady to become sales person of the year at my Company. Everything else that I normally feared became a mere challenge to overcome and best of all I found my ideal Partner. I am so happy.

Thank you Howard."

                                                                                                         Annonymous Va 

"Howard Glancy is amazing. His course " Mind Change" is a revolution for the mind. Anyone who wants to improve their lives, become more accomplished, overcome fears and attract happiness and strength his course is a MUST. 

I've been on courses that claimed to help you achieve your full potential before and this course makes them all look ridiculous.

Howard's blunt British approach and techniques made it easy to understand how to transform my future and I've already had major improvements in both my work and personal life.

It is the most important course I have ever changed my life! I would recommend this to everyone."

                                                                        Zina Mashin - Emperor Vodka Va