Mind Change for Business

The Business community is always looking for that "EDGE" to lead them forward in the highly competitive world that we live in. For this reason MIND CHANGE is designed for Business in such a way that whether it is your Leadership,sales force, or your administration department that needs that extra oomph in the day, or better performance we can help.
This form of personal development is changing the way Business looks at itself, and the savy companies all use techniques such as MIND CHANGE to get them to the new horizons and make the breakthroughs to take their Businesses forward.

The first thing that smacks candidates in the face when they attend the course is that many of the thought processes that they have relied upon for most of their life are simply never going to get them to where they want to be. The good news is that it's not necessarily their fault !

Its just what they have been taught by society

Once they open their minds to new possibilities and drop the wall that both protects them and prevents them from seeing new ideas, they simply fly out of their comfort zones to a much better experience.

Our Leadership training and training for Sales organizations sees dramatic changes that are initially hard to comprehend both for the individual and the Company. We know however that the tools ALWAYS WORK as long as you use them.

If sales growth is your main goal then my experience as a top level sales producer and sales trainer makes me qualified to help. I have been considered as somewhat of a sales GURU when it comes to helping sales forces, and have advised many Companies on the way forward using my own experience and MIND CHANGE.

During our initial consultation the goals of the Company are usually set out and Mind Change will always deliver exactly what is requested.
Team building and our Keynote addresses are our strengths to drive your Company forward.We ensure that the audience rethinks and challenges its goal setting process through our motivational speeches.
The 'greats' simply dont set goals like they teach the rest of us.

If the Business leader requires a more ONE TO ONE EXPERIENCE, THIS IS ALSO AVAILABLE. This format is often used as the prelude to working with the rest of the organization. I pride myself that as a business coach I dedicate 100% of my effort to your cause and the100% money back Guarantee is your assurance that success is the result.

Mind Change is so confident of the process, that the Company ultimately decides the fee that they pay based on the value that they believe they received at the end of the course.
( The limits are of course preset )

In addition MIND CHANGE donates a portion of the fee towards educating Veterans with Mind Change to ensure that they escape the starnglehold of serious pyscological issues that face so many of them today. 

"I look forward to hearing from you and working together to a better future for all involved."

Howard Glancy.
​Mind Change International